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Update on school work for June 2020

Dear Parents,

From Wednesday 3rd June until the end of the school year children will be given a theme per week with activities and fun tasks for them to complete. This will be instead of textbook work and in some cases maths or work that needs to be completed will run alongside this. This is a whole school approach and the themes will be the same. However, there will be differentiated tasks for the Junior and Senior end of the school. Work for the month will be posted soon. Get ready to be creative and have fun.


Julie Chapman

Have a look at the booklet for new parents  Click here for details.

Teachers’ work is available to view for all classes by clicking on the CLASSES tab in the menu above.  Click the class level and you will be redirected to individual classes as needed.

We suggest you download files to make them easier to read.  A download link appears under the document on the left.

Dear Parents,

I wish to assure you that at this stage of the academic year the majority of new topics will have been completed by the children in school. We have a spiral curriculum in which topics /themes are revisited each year. The teachers are this week researching ways to support your children’s learning in the event of extended school closures. We will put lists for each class on weekly basis of suggested topics and activities on school website and PTA facebook page. We will place a strong emphasis on activity based learning and lifeskills. There will be a mixture of work based on the curriculum of activities, written work, project work,oral language, recommended websites, lifeskills  and topics from textbooks.


Julie Chapman

St. Andrew’s National School is a Church of Ireland school under Church of Ireland patronage. In our school community we aspire to provide a nurturing and inclusive environment where all pupils are equally valued and respected.

In St. Andrew’s N.S. we endeavour to

• Fulfil the physical, intellectual, spiritual and emotional needs of the pupils

• Provide stimulus and opportunities to enable pupils to reach their full potential

• To foster a relaxed and happy atmosphere that is conducive to learning