Additional Resources

“Breathe – Self-regulation and Relaxation Techniques for Children” from PDST

Breathe – A guide to relaxation for children

“Minding our Bodies during Covid-19” by Dr. Lasairíona McGuinness

“Parent Worry – Am I doing enough?” by Dr. Jennifer Shore


Incredible Edibles

Here is a link to the Incredible Edibles Incredible Edibles website . 6 There are five interesting tasks which could be completed over the coming weeks.  They will enable everyone to see where food comes from, how to grow your own food and the benefits of a healthy diet.  There are even gardening tips on the website.  Here is a list of the five curriculum tasks.

  • Task 1: Food Origin
  • Task 2: Identifying Irish Food
  • Task 3: Planting/Growing
  • Task 4: Preparing/Cooking
  • Task 5: Healthy Eating Week

Incredible Edibles

Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Gross Motor Skills

Occupational Therapy Hints and Tips

Sensory Processing Booklet