Fourth Class

Theme based school work for June – Uploaded Wednesday 27th May

Download link below the document on the left hand side below each module of work.
Week 1 – 3rd June to 5th June
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Week 2 – 8th June to 12th June
Week 3 – 15th June to 19th June
Week 4 – 22nd June to 26th June

Suggested work for 25th May to 29th May – Uploaded Friday 22nd May

Download link below the document on the left hand side

Suggested work for 18th May to 22nd May – Uploaded Friday 15th May

Download link below the document on the left hand side

Suggested work for 6th May to 15th May – Uploaded Thursday 30th April

There are two documents here.  One for each week.  Download link below the document!
6th – 8th May
11th – 15th May

Suggested work for 27th April to 1st May – Uploaded Friday 24th April 2020

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Suggested work for 20th to 24th April – Uploaded Friday 17th April 2020

Uploaded Thursday 2nd April 2020

Uploaded Wednesday 25th March 2020

Uploaded Friday 20th March 2020

To Help Keep Them Quiet and Busy 

 Listen to Kids of the Move, Saddleback Kids or read a Bible Story and create a Bible
Journaling picture just like we do with the Jesus Storybook Bible stories – look up some
Bible Journaling ideas for inspiration if you’re stuck!
 Make a fort or create a base in your house or garden
 Create an obstacle course – time yourself! Or Create ‘Minute-to-win-it!’ Challenges.
 Teach one of your siblings or a parent or friend something new – you can even record
yourself doing it and send it to them!
 Reading – try do at least 30 minutes of reading each day
 Write a book review based on a book you have read!
 Practise week of spellings – have someone test you on Friday 
 Revise Aimsir Chaite and Aimsir Láithreach Verb Rules – test yourself – get someone to
call out a verb from your book or glance card and see if you can put it into the past tense
and the present tense (we will have a test on these after Easter)
 Revise Forainmneacha Réamhfhoclacha – Ar, Ag, Do, Le
 Comprehension practice – there are lots of sample comprehensions in both English and
Irish on Twinkl – these are good practice for end of year tests
 Create a lesson for your class in a subject of your choice – English, Irish, Maths, SESE or
 Practice your tables as much as possible! Play some online tables games each day too
(some on attached list) – Practice Times
Tables Songs if they help! Use this time to get these as fast as you can! Time yourself –
timer challenge on Twinkl
 Keep a diary – Anne Frank didn’t know she’d be famous!
 Watch some Origami videos on YouTube and let your imagination go wild!
 Maths – Revise topics that we have covered so far – eg – decimals, fractions, division and
long multiplication. Try and practice at least 1 long multiplication sum a day – practice
makes perfect 
 Practise life skills – tying shoe laces, use a camera, telling the time, counting money,
setting the table, help sort and put away laundry etc…
 Pick a movie that you haven’t seen before – write a plot summary and recommendation for
your teacher and classmates.
 RAK – Random Act of Kindness – Do something kind for someone – Help with chores
around the house, making your bed, playing nicely with siblings, helping parents etc… –
keep track of all the nice things that you do in your Kindness Journal.
 Ask an adult or someone older than you what their favourite song is now or was when they
were younger – have a listen, think about it and draw a picture of what comes to your head.
 Call/Skype or Facetime someone you haven’t talked to in a while!
 Practise letter writing skills – Write your teacher a letter, you can post it to the school or
keep it until we’re back in 
 Practise Conversation Starters – Find out what your family think about things…
 Play board games
 Have fun in the garden!
 Practise the countries and flags of the world – you will be an expert at our game by the time
we’re back

 Use a phone or tablet to take some photos each day:

 You could also use these challenges or your own and keep a sketch book of different things each

Project Work – Ancient Greeks
Some video links to watch so you can learn more about the Ancient Greeks

Ancient Greek Myths
Geethanjali Kids videos on YouTube – Ancient Greek Mythology Stories
– Twinkl has lots of PowerPoints and stories available to download for you to read

– Create a 2-5 minute presentation about any aspect of Ancient Greece that interests you
that you
– Topic Ideas: You could look at a specific myth or legend, the lives of Ancient Greeks, The
Olympic Games or important things the Ancient Greeks gave us that we still use today.
– You must be able to teach to the class about your chosen topic – try practice it orally
without reading something off 
– You can create a PowerPoint, Poster or Scrapbook about your topic.