September – Ms. Smith

Welcome back!!

Second class are delighted to be upstairs this year! We have been having lots of fun and doing some really good work for our teachers.


In English, we started Power Hour where we have 4 groups; Familiar Reading, Unfamiliar Reading and Comprehension, Grammar & Phonics, and Functional Writing. We designed our own book covers on Roald Dahl day also.



We started learning Irish spellings this year and learnt about Me Fein (Myself) and An Fomhar (Autumn) in Irish.

In Maths we have been revising topics from last year. We have also learnt about place value, patterns and a little bit of algebra

In SESE we talked about our families where we made a family tree for homework. We also talked about or senses and had a taste experiment where we tasted sweet, bitter, sour and  salty foods.  We identified the different things around our community too.

For Religion we learnt about how each of us are completely different from one another. We heard stories about Zacchaeus and the Parable of the Sower during assembly.

In Art we learned about the Colour Wheel and mixed paints to make different colours. We made ‘All About Me’ rainbows. We also made class fingerprint trees which we can keep forever. We drew self-portraits too.


img_20181004_121918 img_20181004_121757 rainbows

In PE Ms. Smith has been doing a lot of collaborative playground games and Ms. Booth has been working on catching and throwing skills.

We brought both second classes together as we sang a few songs for music and also did a few dramas based on Roald Dahl.

Both second classes designed a bench for the Outdoor Classroom. All designs were fantastic and Artem’s bench is currently being made. A huge well done to  everyone!




On the last Friday of the month we had Fluffy Friday where we all wore our slippers and dressing gowns and also brought in our fluffy friends.


Looking forward to all the fun we are going to have next month!!

Ms. Smith & Ms. Booth