Senior Infants

Theme based school work for June – Uploaded Wednesday 27th May

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Week 1 – 3rd June to 5th June
Week 2 – 8th June to 12th June
Week 3 – 15th June to 19th June
Week 4 – 22nd June to 26th June

Suggested work for 25th May to 29th May – Uploaded Friday 22nd May

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Suggested work for 18th May to 22nd May – Uploaded Friday 15th May

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Suggested work for 6th May to 15th May – Uploaded Thursday 30th April

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Suggested work for 27th April to 1st May – Uploaded Friday 24th April 2020

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Suggested work for 20th to 24th April – Uploaded Friday 17th April 2020

Uploaded Wednesday 1st April 2020

Uploaded Wednesday 25th March 2020

Uploaded Friday 20th March 2020

This letter applies to Junior and Senior Infants.

Dear Parents,
We are sending this letter home because of school closures. The great news in our classes
is that we are ahead in the core subjects English, Irish and Maths. This reduces the stress
on all of us.
It is important to understand that the teacher role in the younger classes is to lead and
sample work and investigations and then to allow the children to explore what has been
discussed or to explore it together with teacher in leader role. With that being said we do not
want to burden you as parents with worksheets and tasks that have to be completed.
We do feel that it would be beneficial to the children to keep working on phonics as repetition
will improve fluency. We have sent home the word lists up to List 15 for the children for
Junior Infants. The first 100 Dolche Words are also included for Senior Infants to revise and
practise. Wordlists give the children a chance to review individual letter sounds as well as
blending. Simple writing tasks and letter formation review can be done with the entire
alphabet on blank pages, whiteboards etc. Look in magazines and cut out items that start
with certain letters. Keep activities simple and fun,10 minutes maximum. Use pictures from
magazines and children can write some simple sentences about the picture (Senior Infants).
Senior Infant challenge is to read something simple everyday to maintain levels achieved to
date. Challenge yourself to spell simple words example- dad, had, sad,mad,
pen,hen,men,ten,hot,pot,cot,dot,sun,bun,fun,run,ball,call,fall,all etc
We know that the children love their Ipads and tablets. Choose phonics songs and numbers
1-5 songs (Junior Infants) 1-10 (Senior Infants) to watch and then let them look at what they
In Maths Junior Infants have covered numbers 0-5 (Junior Infants). We do not know how to
formally add yet but we do know if I had 4 sweets and got 1 more I would have 5. Writing
numbers, making sure they are the correct way, creating patterns, looking at shapes will all
be great revision for the children. (circle, square, rectangle and triangle)
For Senior Infants we have covered numbers 0-10 and we know 0-20 orally. Activities as
above as well as addition to 10, revision of number formation, revision of shapes (as above
and diamond, heart, oval,semi-circle, 3D shapes (sphere, cuboid, cyclinder.) Revision of
counting with the number line as well as exploring what number comes before or after
certain numbers is a great oral activitiy. What number comes before 6? After 8?
Cutting skills are so important to Junior and Senior Infants. Let them cut all sorts- cereal
boxes, pages, specific pictures etc.
Zipping up coats and learning to tie your shoelaces is another great challenge.
Board games gives us a great chance to learn turn taking and winning and losing. is a fantastic resource that has now said it will be free for the month to assist
parents. You will find cutting worksheets, phonics games, Maths activities to print out. Select
Junior/Senior Infants as your age. The children will be familiar with many of the printables on
this site.
Teach my Monster to read is a lovely app for reading.
Lastly, enjoy your time, keep it simple and remember the benefits of play.