Small Class

The orchard

Suggested list of activities during school closure

*   Reading – encourage children to engage with plenty of literature (kids books etc.) – ask questions to ensure understanding and asking spellings of words (spelling dolce list words also could be implemented) could also be encouraged
*   Maths – oral maths of all sorts
*   Simple number facts – addition and subtraction questions using counters etc.
*   Time – encourage regular reading of the clock
*   Cutting and sticking activities – creating scrap books from various images etc.
*   Writing/typing skills – encourage children to create short sentences/words – daily diary
*   Sequencing stories – using sequencing cards – orally retelling story using images to encourage full sentences
*   I have been informed that is free for the next month for everyone. There are resources on twinkl in a range of subjects and topics that can be hugely beneficial to the children (I regularly use twinkl resources in class and would highly recommend uses it)

I understand this is extremely out of the ordinary and these are only suggestions. I understand that it may be challenging to do ‘school work’ with children and there is no pressure to complete any of the suggested work.

Some children may receive other work suggestions from their mainstream class setting, feel free to implement those suggestions also.

Thank you,