The Parent Teacher Association (“PTA”) is here, to organise, support and run events that bring together the whole school community in the spirit of fun, friendship and inclusiveness.

Our PTA aims to promote and encourage co-operation between Parents, Teachers and the Board of Management – to provide a forum for discussion of issues relevant to school business, to exchange ideas and promote understanding between Parents and Teachers.

At the request of staff, we assist in extra-curricular, leisure/sporting activities of pupils and when called upon, we organise fundraisers to support the needs of our school.

Some of our known events that we run each year include – Coffee Morning for New Parents, Wine Tasting Evening, Christmas Fair (in conjunction with Lexlip Union of Parishes), The Coffee Dock for the School’s Spring Fair, Book Fair (usually held in conjunction with World Book Day) and the Summer Picnic.

Since moving to our new school, the PTA have been heavily involved in funding or contributing to a number of projects including – our fantastic School Library, the leveling and reseeding of our Sports Field, a Sensory Pod, the School Sound System (including the hall and all the classrooms), Interactive Boards, Hall Video Projector, Hall Blackout Blinds, Tablet PCs and associated mobile power storage units, Sports (Equipment & Jerseys), Playground markings and the annual 6th class end of school party, trip and celebrations.

You can keep up to date with our latest news and events on Facebook (St Andrew’s National School Lucan PTA) and Instagram (standrewsnspta).

The PTA Committee is made up of 12 Parent Representatives, 3 Teacher Representatives and the School’s Principal.  The members are elected each year at our AGM, which is usually held in September or early October.  Once the election process has completed – the PTA would usually meet, once every calendar month, for a period of one hour.

Our AGM is a very informative evening and an excellent opportunity to find out more about the work of the PTA.  We also get a great update on what’s happening in the school.  It is also a great opportunity to meet with other parents & teachers.  We always encourage at least one parent/guardian from each family to attend if possible.

Our Current Committee members are:

Aideen Warfield (Chairperson), Celine Jordan (Secretary), Sean Nangle (Treasurer), Siocha Costello (Assistant Chairperson), Siobhan Kellett (Assistant Secretary), Janet Caswell (Assistant Treasurer), Padraic Byrne (Principal), Mischelle Dewar, Danielle Geraghty, Caroline Walshe, Grace McCabe and Karen Smith.

Being a member of our committee allows us the opportunity to contribute to the St Andrew’s School Community in lots of wonderful ways; at times there may be a lot of work to do but it is very rewarding and a good lot of fun too!  It is also a great way to get to know other parents throughout the school and develop great friendships.

If you are interested in joining our committee or if there something you would like brought up at our monthly meetings, then please do not hesitate to contact us at; all suggestions and ideas are welcomed.

Download the PTA-Constitution